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Utilisation of family planning techniques among women: an experience of rural area of Lagos state

IO Ewebiyi, TA Adetunji


Utilisation of family planning by women will promote sustainable development and general wellbeing of women at the rural community. The study assessed utilization of family planning techniques among women in the rural area of Lagos state. Sixty respondents were randomly selected for the study. Structured interview schedule was used to obtain information on respondents’ personal characteristics, sources of information on family planning, constraints to the use of family planning and family planning techniques used by women. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyse the data. The respondents were within the age bracket of 31-50 (61.7%), 83.7% of respondents were educated and 70.0% had between 5-8 household size. Only 28.3% of respondents used radio as the main source of information on family planning technique usage. The most critical constraint (81.7%) was ignorance of the importance of family planning. Also 78.3%, 65.0% of respondents did not use birth pill control and contraceptive injection respectively. Constraint was significantly related to utilization of family planning techniques (Cal.χ2=26.475, Tab. χ2=15.507, p=0.05). Utilization of family planning techniques were low among women, therefore training about the benefits of family planning will improve its utilization for the wellbeing of rural women.

Key words: Utilisation, Family planning technique, Rural community, Women

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