Global Approaches to Extension Practice: A Journal of Agricultural Extension

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Adoption Study Of Seed Priming Technology In Upland Rice

SO Bakare, MN Ukwungwu, AO Fademi, D Harris, AA Ochigbo


Adoption study was carried out during 2003 cropping season on randomly selected 83 farmers out of the 300 that participated in the upland rice seed priming technology transfer between year 2000 – 2002 to determine the impact of the technology on upland rice production in five States of Nigeria, through the use of semi-structured questionnaire, personal interview and field visit. Yield advantage obtained by farmers in priming upland rice seed before planting over unprimed seed ranged between 33 – 84%. Because seed-priming technology was considered beneficial, most farmers (94%) diffused the technology to their friends. Generally, farmers were impressed on the technology of upland rice seed priming at the On-farm trial level and hence, the adoption. Upland rice seed priming technology has therefore gained wide acceptance in the areas of coverage. The short duration improved upland rice variety (FARO 46) supplied to the farmers during the On-farm trial period served as catalyst for adoption of the technology, as it was a desired variety. The farmer-to-farmer diffusion of the technology will further spread the technology to wider areas.

Global Approaches to Extension Practice Vol.1(1) 2005: 1-6

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