Global Approaches to Extension Practice: A Journal of Agricultural Extension

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Rural Women\'s Response To Selected Crop Production Technologies In Imo State, Nigeria

FN Nnadi, CD Akwiwu


The study centered on rural women's response to selected crop production technologies in Imo State with a view to making policy recommendations. Structured questionnaire and interview schedule were administered through the assistance of extension agents to 258 randomly sampled rural women farmers from the three agricultural zones of the state. The data were analyzed with simple percentage counts, frequency table and Ordinary Least Square Multiple Regression Analysis. The results showed varied rates of adoption with timeliness of planting ranking first, improved cassava varieties, second and use of fertilizer, third. Significant relationships were established between age, education, farming experience, household size and extension contact with the adoption of the selected technologies. It was however recommended that education campaign should be intensified and more extension personnel deployed with adequate incentives and back-up training based on sound curricula. Extension services providers should consider age, education, farming experience and household size of rural women for effective adoption of technologies.
Global Approaches to Extension Practice Vol.1(1) 2005: 47-54

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