Determinants Of Job Satisfaction Of Field Extension Workers In Enugu State Agricultural Development Programme

  • FO Ugwoke
  • DO Onu
  • EC Matthews-Njoku
Keywords: job satisfaction, extension workers, Agricultural Development Programme


Factor analysis was used to isolate the determinants of job satisfaction of field extension workers in Enugu State Agricultural Development Programme. Data was collected from 42 randomly selected respondents with the aid of structured questionnaire. Findings of the study showed that majority (about 58%) of the respondents were aged between 31 – 40 years, and most of the field extension workers (about 70%) had at least HND or B.Sc. as their highest educational qualification. About 86% of the extension workers were married, while majority of them (about 71%) had between one and ten years experience on the job. Three major factors were identified as strong determinants of job satisfaction of the field extension workers namely interpersonal relationship, organizational policies, and conditions of service. The study revealed that attainment of certain policy issues depends largely on interpersonal relationship in the organization. Issues found to be closely linked with organizational policies include organizational objectives being clearly defined; promotions being based on merit, provision of working materials, provision of fringe benefits and provision of vehicle refurbishing loans. Finally issues found to be very important influencing variables under conditions of service were availability of in-service training opportunities; payment of contract additions and incentives to direct and seconded staff respectively and job security. It was therefore recommended that ADP management should create avenues for open/free communications vertically and horizontally, access to decision making by subordinates, recognition and attention to genuine personal problems of workers, friendly working atmosphere, among others. ADP management should pay serious attention to issues concerning workers' welfare.

Keywords: job satisfaction, extension workers, Agricultural Development Programme

Global Approaches to Extension Practice Vol. 3 (2) 2007: pp. 160-169

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eISSN: 0794-1005