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Demographic Characteristics Related To Wholesale Marketing Of Yam In Delta State, Nigeria

GF Okwuokeneye
EA Onemolease


To determine the influence of the demographic attributes of wholesales yam marketers on their marketing cost, data were collected from 80 respondents randomly selected from 10 yam markets in two Local Government Areas of Delta State. Results of data
analysis reveals that wholesale yam marketing in the study area was male - dominated
(78.8%), most of whom were married (73.8%) with secondary education experience
(70%). The average age of the respondents was 48 years with a mean marketing
experience of 9 years. The average weekly marketing cost, revenue and gross margin
of wholesale yam marketing were N23,628.75, N78,500 and N54,871.25 respectively
showing the profitability of the business. Major marketing problems encountered by
the respondents include high produce and transport cost with a mean of 3.67 and 3.11
respectively, storage losses (3.64), seasonal fluctuation in yam sales (3.53) and insufficient capital (3.52). Multiple regression analysis shows that marital status (b = -0.113) and years of marketing (b = -0.248) were significantly (p<0.05) related to marketing cost. The study recommends improving marketers\' access to credit facilities and financial pooling in the performance of such marketing functions as produce purchase and transportation

Keywords: Demographic characteristics, yam wholesale marketing

Global Approaches to Extension Practice Vol. 2 (1) 2006: pp. 9-15

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eISSN: 0794-1005