Global Approaches to Extension Practice: A Journal of Agricultural Extension

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Determinants And Impacts Of Poultry Production Technologies On Productivity Of Farmers In Abia State, Nigeria

IN Nwachukwu, MU Umezuruike, EO Effiong


The greatest constraints of commercial poultry production in Nigeria and other developing countries are low technology inputs, low productivity, poultry disease, poor breeds of poultry, unbalanced feeding of poultry and low level of education of poultry farmers. The study focused on the determinants and impacts of poultry technologies on productivity of farmers in Abia State, Nigeria. In its approach, random sampling technique was employed with a respondent capacity of 100 poultry farmers comprising both adopters and non – adopters of poultry technologies. Data were collected using structured questionnaire while analytical tools used were multiple regression analysis and paired t –test statistic. The findings showed that age, rearing experience, Total Variable cost, depreciation and household size stood out as the major determinants of productivity while impacts were felt on output, household size, labour used and farm income of the adopters. Intensification of farmer education and training (extension) and family planning campaigns were suggested by the study as a means of consolidating the gains of the impact.

Keywords: Poultry technologies, productivity, impacts, determinants

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