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Investigating the improver mechanisms of agricultural water management in karaj county from the viewpoints of the farmers

S Goudarzi, FH Shabanali, M Jalalzadeh, M Zeyaei, H Movahed


The study was designed to investigate the improver-mechanisms of agricultural water management in Karaj County from the viewpoints of the farmers All the farmers of Karaj County consisted the statistical population of the study (N 5297). The sample size was determined as 142 persons through Cochran formula and the proportional allocation sampling methodology was used to choose the specimen .A questionnaire was designed and employed to gather the required data .Cronbach's alpha computed to measure reliability of the different parts of questionnaire was above 0.7 for total segments .The gathered data have been analyzed by SPSS software .The findings revealed that increase of efficient monitoring of government on surface water resources and also implementation of watershed projects are the main mechanisms of surface water and underground water management in utilization and about the management of agricultural water transmission, covering the traditional sloughs(in transmission by terrestrial sloughs), using of suitable cover for concrete channels(in transmission by concrete channels) and repairing of junctions in poly ethylene pipes(in transmission by poly ethylene pipes) are the main mechanisms. Also insuring agricultural crops against the drought is the main mechanism of agricultural water consumption in the farms .Moreover, based on the results of factor analysis, the mechanisms of agricultural water management are classified into seven factors which are: enhancing the information of farmers and people, technical improvement of hydraulic structures, improvement of local people participation, improvement of water management, controlling the disturbance of external factors and improving the farming practices. Also implementing the watershed projects and security farmer's water right, using of suitable cover for channels and Designing and holding required training courses are some
recommendations in this regard.

Key words :Agricultural water, Water management, Farmers, Karaj County

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