Effect of Nomadists‟ Uncontrolled grazing on livelihood activities in Oyo State Nigeria

  • OT Oladele
  • OI Oladele
Keywords: conflict, livelihoods, nomadism, agro-pastoralism, pastoralists


The study assessed the effect of Nomadic pastoralists uncontrolled grazing which led to conflicts on the livelihood activities of agro-pastoralists in Iseyin Local Government Area of Oyo State. Fifty percent of the agro pastoralists households (III) in the study area were randomly selected and simple technique was used to sample one male and one female household heads from each of the households, totaling two hundred and twenty two respondents. The agro-pastoralists personal characteristics, livelihood activities and accessibility to resources before and after occurrence of conflicts due to nomadic pastoralists uncontrolled grazing were determined. Findings showed that majority of the agropastoralists had no formal education. The nomadic pastoralists uncontrolled grazing led to conflicts between agropastoralists and crop farmers. Majority of the agro pastoralists assumed that the aggressive attribute of the nomadic pastoralists was the major cause of their uncontrolled grazing, which consequently made agro pastoralists to suffer in numerous ways. Measures to prevent future occurrence of conflict were recommended. Such as enactment of government policy to check the nomadic pastoralists uncontrolled grazing and improvement to nomadic education programme as to provide opportunities for diverse livelihood activities to the pastoralists.

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eISSN: 0794-1005