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Multilocational evaluation of white yam genotypes using GGE bi-plot methodology

EC Nwachukwu


Yams are cultivated in diverse agroecologies and there is evidence of strong genotype and environment interaction. This has necessitated the evaluation of new yam genotypes in multi-locational trials. Five new white yam genotypes were evaluated in different locations of major yam  producing areas; Umudike, Nsukka, Ubiaja, Abuja and Katsina-Ala, to test the performance and stability of these genotypes across the environments using GGE bi-plot software. The GGE bi-plot generated several graphic  bi-plots which showed Umudike, Nsukka, Ubiaja and Katsina-Ala as  belonging to one mega – environment while Abuja and Ubiaja belong to another. The GGE bi-plot also showed the discriminating and  non-discriminating environments. Katsina-Ala was the most discriminating environment while Nsukka was the least. A test environment that lacks discriminating ability lacks the capacity to provide information about the genotype being used. Such environment lacks usefulness and should be discarded as a test environment. Katsina-Ala, with the longest vector is the most discriminating. This is followed by Ubiaja, Umudike and Abuja in that order. Nsukka is the least discriminating.

KEYWORDS: Yams, multi-environment trial. GGE biplot,  mega-enviroments.
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