Evaluation of nutrients status of soils under rice cultivation in cross river state, Nigeria

  • I.N. Onyekwere
  • A.G. Iwo
  • A.O. Ano
  • A.O. Osunde
Keywords: Evaluation, Nutrient status, Soils, Cross River.


Nutrients status of soils under rice cultivation in Cross River State Nigeria was evaluated to ascertain the present status and suggest management practices needed for an increased rice production. A reconnaissance survey of the entire State was undertaken. A total number of eight Local Government Areas, namely Odukpani, Biase, Yakkur, Abi, Obubura, Ogoja, Yala, and Bekwara were identified to have comparative advantage in rice production, which cut across the entire Agricultural zones of the state. A free survey method was adopted in sampling the soils at 0-15 cm depth in sixteen communities of the identified Local Government Areas. A total of 108 composite samples were collected and analyzed in laboratory. The results revealed that the soils had a mean pH value of 5.26, exchangeable Ca ( 4.98 cmol kg-1), exchangeable Mg (1.40 cmol kg-1), exchangeable Na (0.28 cmol kg-1), exchangeable K (0.07 cmol kg-1), ECEC ( 9.08 cmol kg-1 ), organic carbon( 0.98 % ), total N ( 0.07 %), available P (17.64 mg kg-1), available Fe ( 898.33 mgkg-1), available Zn ( 3.05 mgkg-1) and available Mn ( 92.90 mgkg-1). For increased rice yield in the area some good management practices such as planting of iron tolerant rice varieties and application of deficient nutrient elements are recommended

KEYWORDS: Evaluation, Nutrient status, Soils, Cross River.


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eISSN: 1596-2903