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Haematological studies in apparently normal adult camels (Camelus dromedarius) of North east sahel region of Nigeria

T.N. Kamalu, G.C. Okpe, A. Williams


Haematological values of apparently healthy camels presented for slaughter at the Maiduguri abattoir were determined. The values for red blood cell count, haemoglobin concentration, packed cell volume and erythrocyte indices were similar to those obtained from camels in Sokoto (North West Region) Nigeria; and also in accord with values published in the literature for Indian camels. Total leucocyte counts were relatively higher but within the normal ranges reported for Indian camels. Differential leucocyte counts showed higher values for monocytes and basophils, and lower values for neutrophils when compared to Indian data. The differences observed have been attributed to stress, excitement or environmental factors. The ESR values obtained by the Wintrobe and Landsberg method were in close agreement with reference values. The 450 angle method gave ESR values much faster (about seven times) than the Wintrobe and Landsberg method.

Keywords: Haematology, Camels, North East Region.

[Global Jnl Agric Res Vol.2(1) 2003: 5-8]
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