Extension communication and farmers’ adoption of yam production technologies in south – south Nigeria

  • NI Ofem
  • HM Ndifon
  • KI Ogbonna
  • OE Ntui
Keywords: Adoption, Communication, Channels, Extension, Production, Technologies


The study was carried out to assess the role of extension communication on farmers' adoption of yam production technologies in Nigeria. It was found that yam production technologies like yam minisett, yam/cocoyam/
cassava intercrop, yam/cowpea/maize intercrop, training of vines, use of agrochemicals and yam storage in barns were disseminated to famers to boost yam production. It was found that yam minisett had the lowest adoption rate of 8.57% due to inability to produce immediate monetary benefits to farmers, inadequate awareness, unavailability of training on seed yam multiplication and small size nature of yam minisett, while yam intercropped with cowpea [Vignia unquiculata) and maize [Zea mays) had the highest adoption rate. At the same time, the study showed that agents, contact farmers, posters, bulletins and radio served as sources of information to the farmers. The study also showed that sources of information/communication channels play significant role in creating awareness, helping farmers develop interest, evaluate technologies and adopt technologies, however the study shows that there is no significant
relationship between channels of communication and adoption of yam production technologies as farmer adoption depend also on the availability of support services like credits, tenures security, government policy among others.

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eISSN: 1596-2903