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Sugar cane juice as a retarding admixture in concrete production

Amaziah Walter Otunyo, Innocent Koate


Sugar cane juice (SCJ) was investigated as a retarding agent in concrete production. Slump values and compressive strength of concrete with partial replacement of water by sugar cane juice was also investigated. The concrete cubes were prepared by replacing water with SCJ in the following proportions 0, 3, 5, 10 and 15%. The cubes were cured, tested and the physical  properties of interest in this study were determined. Results show that the final setting time of concrete was delayed with increase in content of the SCJ in the concrete mix. At 0% SCJ, final setting time was 3½ hours, while final setting time at 15% SCJ was 6 hours, reflecting additional 2½ hours setting  time. The compressive strength of the (water:SCJ) concrete decreased with increase in the content of SCJ in the concrete mix, up till 10% SCJ content.

Keywords: sugar cane juice, setting time, slump values,  compressive strength
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