Electric power supply in an offshore oil production platform

  • A.O. Ibe Electrical/Electronic Engineering Department University of Port Harcourt P. O. Box 207 Uniport Post Office Choba, Port Harcourt


A study of the provision of electric power using associated natural gas as primary source of energy, in an offshore oil production platform has been carried out. Some of the problems to be contended with include: the effects of impurities contained in the fuel gas supply;variations in the production process characteristics; space constraints and the fire hazards that exist in an oil production environment. The study revealed that power supply can be improved by modifying fuel gas supply manifold, and also by introducing multiple stage gas filteration units and neutralizer filter units. Finally, among other recommendations, it will be desirable to replace the battery-powered UPS system with a rotary engine UPS which can provide long-term power supply back-up as well as the benefits of rotating machines.

KEY WORDS: Offshore, Platform, Power Supply, Gas turbine, Rotary Diesel UPS.

[Global Jnl Engineering Res. Vol.2(1&2) 2003: 35-40]

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eISSN: 1596-292X