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An effective manpower planning approach for maintenance departments: a case study of a cocoa processing industry, Ondo

O. P. Fapetu, B. Kareem


The level of maintenance activities of a cocoa processing factory in Nigeria was studied. Data on critical machine parts involved in the maintenance work were collected and the different jobs carried out according to sections and nature of the activities were classified. The workloads for each type of maintenance activities were evaluated and the effective manpower requirements were determined. Most of the maintenance activities centre around repetitive jobs in both Mechanical and Electrical sections (69. 23%) as against 3.10% for non-repetitive jobs and 27.67% for routine jobs. This calls for concern and a work study is recommended to reduce this. Also there is a short-fall in personnel requirement in both Electrical and Mechanical sections and it is recommended that additional 4 men be employed in respective sections.

Key words: Maintenance Departments, Routine Jobs, Repetitive Jobs, Non-Repetitive Jobs and Effective Manpower.

[Global Jnl Engineering Res. Vol.2(1&2) 2003: 59-68]
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