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Generalized Constitutive Model for Stabilized Quick Clay

PM Bujulu
G Grimstad


An experimentally-based two yield surface constitutive model for cemented quick clay has been developed at NTNU, Norway, to reproduce the mechanical behavior of the stabilized quick clay in the triaxial p’-q stress space. The model takes into account the actual mechanical properties of the stabilized material, such as “attraction”, friction angle and destructuration. A further attempt has been made to extend the formulation into the full stress space, based on the Hardening Soil Model, the SClay Model, the Koiter Rule and two Mapping Rules. A generalized 3D-constitutive model for stabilized quick clay has been formulated. This paper discusses the formulation process and presents the resulting generalized model.

Keywords: Constitutive model, Quick clay, Destructuration, Hardening rule, Yield surface

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eISSN: 1596-292X