Ghana Journal of Forestry

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An assessment of compliance with on-farm logging compensation payment regulations in Ghana: Implications for policy interventions

E Marfo, E Acheampong, C Osae


Tree resources on farmlands are significant and contribute to overall timber production in Ghana. However, their sustainability is known to be threatened. In addition, on-farm logging in Ghana has been characterised by conflicts, mainly related to payment of compensation for crop damages. Even though there are regulations governing on-farm logging to prevent such conflicts, their compliance has not been systematically assessed. The paper presents results from a study that attempted to assess the level of compliance and to offer suggestions for policy intervention. The study concludes that the level of compliance is low, and even though farmers have appreciable knowledge about these regulations, they have low conflict capabilities to seek for enforcement. Considering the systemic constraints faced with the enforcement of these regulations in the light of the empirical observations, the paper contends for mechanisms to institutionalise the consultation and bargaining process and to make their outcomes legally tenable.

Keywords: forest governance, conflict management, logging regulations compliance, Ghana

Ghana Journal of Forestry Vol. 19 & 20 2006: pp. 35-44
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