Ghana Journal of Forestry

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Ghana Journal of Forestry: trend, challenges and way forward

Kennedy kwasi Asamoah, Naomi Akosua Appiah, Bukari Daramani


Scholarly journals are important source of relevant and quality publications. The journals provide current and up-to-date information to facilitate research, teaching, learning and knowledge dissemination. Research institutions, universities, and major professional associations publish scholarly journals as one of their core functions. The Forestry Research Institute of Ghana (FORIG) has since 1994 been publishing the Ghana Journal of Forestry as a medium for disseminating its research findings.

This paper discusses the process and experience of the publication of the Ghana Journal of Forestry. It highlights the role of the Forestry Research Institute of Ghana as the publisher, the Editorial Board and Committee, as well as Researchers and authors’ contributions in ensuring the sustainability of the journal. The paper also examines the constraints and challenges facing the publication of the journal and the way forward.

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