Ghana Journal of Geography

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Trends in global development paradigms and the ramifications in Ghana (1950–2015)

Kenneth Peprah


This paper addresses the ramifications resulting from implementation of global development paradigms in Ghana from pre-independence to the present. An attempt is made to match development paradigms to development decades, identifying evolving key issues from decadal paradigms and relating the issues to the previous dominant paradigm(s). A qualitative methodology based on desk review of literature and personal observations is used. The results reveal a paternalistic, colonial administration; a quasi-paternalistic, state-led government; and a progressive desire to remove by any means ‘oppression’ as concomitant inheritance from colonialism. The recent Sustainable Development Goals draw from the antecedents of colonialism, economic growth and development, people-centred development, sustainable development, and globalization. The implications for policy are key issues in regard to the analytical meaning of the co-existing paradigms and the destination at which Ghana hopes to find itself at the end of implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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