Chemical and microbiological assessment of surface water samples from Enugu area, south eastern, Nigeria

  • AV Obiora
Keywords: Freshwater, Chemical, Microbiological, Constituents, Enugu area, Nigeria


The importance of good quality water cannot be over emphasized. This is because it is only next to air as a critical sustainer of life therefore it is appropriate to evaluate its quality and quantity. A total number of thirteen water samples were investigated in this study: Nine samples from different surface water bodies, two samples from two effluent sources, one spring and one tap water sample were collected and used in the analyses. The objectives of the study are to assess, ascertain and evaluate the level, degree and type of pollution that characterize the surface water resources of Enugu area of southeastern Nigeria in terms of physico-chemical and bacterialogical constituents. Field measurements of physical parameters were preceded by chemical analyses of the samples for major ions concentrations and bacteriological content. Evaluation of the results showed that the waters are fresh and soft (Hardness ranges is 4.00 to 53.00mgl-l). The pH range is from 4.32 to 7.11 and these value fall within the acceptable limit of water for domestic use. Major ion concentrations were low and within the WHO guidelines for drinking water indicating chemical suitability of surface water. All the water samples tested positive to total bacterial count and E-coli. and this is evidence of faecal contamination and should be treated/disinfected before consumption.

KEYWORDS: Freshwater, Chemical, Microbiological, Constituents, Enugu area, Nigeria


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