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Stability results of a mathematical model for the control of HIV/AIDS with the use of male and female condoms in heterosexual populations

S Musa
A.R Kimbir
M.O Egwurube
D.K Igobi


A compartmentalized deterministic mathematical model for the dynamics of HIV/AIDS under the use of male and female condoms has been formulated and studied qualitatively. Disease-free equilibria of the sub-models have been found to be locally and asymptotically stable. Stability results revealed threshold values for the proportions of susceptible and infected subpopulations that must use condom in order to achieve control, and possibly, eradication of HIV/AIDS in heterosexual populations. Condom use rate for the susceptible subpopulations has been found to be bounded above by the population’s birth rate, while that of the infected subpopulations is bounded below by a given threshold.

KEYWORDS: Locally and asymptotically stable, disease-free equilibrium, HIVAIDS control

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eISSN: 1596-6208