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Stabilization of Ikpayongo laterite with cement and calcium carbide waste

M Joel, EJ Edeh


Laterite obtained from Ikpayongo was stabilized with 2-10 % cement and 2-10 % Calcium Carbide waste, for use as pavement material. Atterberg’s limits test, California bearing ratio (CBR) and unconfined compressive strength (UCS) tests were conducted on the natural laterite and the treated soil specimens. The plasticity index of the natural laterite reduced from 14 % to a minimum value of 5 % when treated with a mixture of 10 % cement plus 10 % calcium carbide waste, strength indices of the laterite was greatly improved as the 7 day UCS and CBR values of Ikpayongo laterite increased from 534 kN/m2 and 28 % respectively to 3157 kN/m2 and 180 % respectively, when treated with a combination of 10 % cement plus 10 % calcium carbide waste. Based on results obtained from the study, the use of a mixture of 8 % cement plus 10 % calcium carbide waste, 10 % cement plus 10 % calcium carbide waste are recommended for the treatment of Ikpayongo laterite for use as base material. The use of calcium carbide waste in the stabilization of soil will ensure economy in road construction, while providing an effective way of disposing calcium carbide waste.

Keywords: Cement, Calcium carbide waste, Stabilization, Ikpayongo laterite, Pavement material.
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