Evidence-based care: an innovation to improve nursing practice globally

  • II Akpabio
  • EU Duke
Keywords: Evidence-based-care, Nursing, Practice.


Evidence-Based Nursing (EBN) permits the highest quality of care in meeting the multifaceted needs of clients using the best available evidence from research findings, expert ideas from specialists in the various health care sectors and feedback from clients. However, in many instances, various challenges need to be addressed to enhance utilization of the best available evidence in nursing practice. This paper focused on ways of identifying the acceptable evidence and where they could be found; methods of implementing EBN; and appropriate measures of supporting EBN practice. For improved practice, it is recommended that nursing education should increasingly focus on development of skills for critical thinking and reflective practice as well as promotion of mentorship among nurse educators and nurse clinicians in regards to implementation of available and acceptable evidence.

KEYWORDS: Evidence-based-care; Nursing; Practice.


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eISSN: 1118-0579