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The velocity-thickness characteristics of the mangrove swamp low velocity layer (LVL), South Central Niger Delta, Nigeria

C. L. Eze
E. E. Okwueze
E. D Uko


A total of 14 upholes were shot in the Mangrove Swamp of the Niger Delta of Nigeria. The aim of the survey was to determine the thickness and velocity of the low velocity layer (LVL). The velocities and thickness of the layers were computed from the reciprocals of the slopes of the straight-line segments using the FACE Static computer program. Results obtained showed a variation in the thickness of the weathering layer from 2.0m to 5.7m with an average of 3.40m. The variation was random and did not show any trend. The velocity of the low velocity layer ranges between 295ms-1 and 727ms-1 with an average of 562.7 ms-1 while the velocity of the sub-weathering layer ranges between 1502 ms-1 and 1918 ms-1 with an average of 1716 ms-1. These data are important in seismic static corrections and in geotechnical engineering.

Key words: Thickness, Velocity, Low velocity layer, Uphole

[Global Jnl Pure & Appl. Sci. Vol.9(3) 2003: 369-374]