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Effect of three stocking densities and three diets on growth and survival of post larval <i>Macrobrachium vollenbovenii</i> (Herlot's 1857) decapoda; palaemonidae

PJ Udo


Growth and survival rate of Macrobrachium vollenhovenii (Herklots) post larvae reared in aquaria were monitored for 98 days stocked at 3 densities and for 84 days in the specimens fed with three different compounded meals .Specimens at the stock density of 16 ind.m2 , 27 ind.m2 and 54 ind.m2 showed specific growth rates of 0.52% , 0.96% and 0.64% obtaining a daily weight gain of 0.008g d-1 , 0.009gd-1 and 0.005g d-1 respectively. Growth obtained from animals that fed on meal CM3 (48.5% crude protein content) was better compared to the growth rates of 0.02 g.d-1 determine in specimen that relied on meal CM1 (55% crude protein content) and CM2 (30.6% crude protein content) respectively. Survival rates of 50% were determined in all levels of the feed experiment while 100% survival was calculated in all stock densities except in the 54-ind.m2 density, which gave 40% survival. These results are exhaustively discussed in relation to the culture of Macrobrachium vollenhovenii.

Key Words: Stocking densities; meal; growth; survival; and Macrobrachium vollenhovenii.

Global Jnl Pure and Applied Sciences Vol.10(3) 2004:373-378

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