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Synthesis, magnetic measurement and spectroscopic studies on cobalt (II) complexes in thiosemicarbazones derived from P-anisaldehyde, P-tolualdehyde, P-vanillin and 9-fluorenone

NT Akinchan


Cobalt(II) complexes, Co(ATSC)2 Co(TTSC)2 CO(VTSC)2 and Co(FTSC)2 were prepared by reacting Cobalt(II)acetate and bidenlate thiosemicarbazones derived from p-anisaldehyde (ATSCH), p-tolualdehyde (TTSCH), p-vanillin (VTSCH), and 9-fluorenone (FTSCH) and were characterized by IR, uv-visible spectra, molar conductance, magnetic moment and elemental analysis. The, observed spectral data on thiosemicarbonzones indicate thione form for the ligands and they act as anionic bidentate chelating agents. The coordination takes place through thiolato sulphur and azonmethine /imine nitrogen atoms. The tetrahedral flattened structures have been suggested for the cobalt(II) complexes under investigation.

KEYWORD: Thiosemicarbazone; Cobalt(II) complex; IR; uv-visible; spectra; molar conductance; magnetic moment.

Global Jnl Pure and Applied Sciences Vol.10(3) 2004: 391-395

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eISSN: 2992-4464
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