Global Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences

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Spectroscopic studies on Isatin-3-Semicarbazone and Isatin-3-Thiosemicarbazone

Narayan T Akinchan


The configurations of semi-and thiosemicarbazone derivatives of isatin are assigned by means of 1H and 13C NMR Spectroscopy including NOE difference spectra, IR and electronic spectral data of these compounds are also reported and discussed. The electron impact (EI), fast atom bombardment (FAB) and negative ion chemical ionization (NICI) mass spectra are also reported. Fragmentation of molecular and pseudomolecular ions are tabulated and rationalized.

KEY WORDS: IH NMR, 13C NMR, Semicarbazone thiosemicarbazone, mass spectra, negative ion chemical ionization, fragmentation.

Global Jnl Pure and Applied Sciences Vol.10(4) 2004: 545-553
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