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The study of viscosity-temperature dependence and activation energy for palm oil and soybean oil

E Ike


In fluid transport, precise knowledge or estimation of fluids behaviour is very necessary, for mass flow and heat transfer computations. In this study, physicochemical analysis of palm oil and soybean oil were conducted, in addition to an equation modeling the relationship between the energy (Ea) and the pre-exponential factor (A). Later, two other parameters; the Arrhenius temperature (T) and Arrhenius activation temperature (T*) were introduced to buttress the veracity of the model used. The model is very useful in engineering since it would make for the estimation of the missing parameter value and its derivatives. The goodness of the result is strongly reinforced by the regression coefficient. The results indicate that the model which best fits the major defining parameters are logarithmic in nature. All the parameters studied showed that the two oil samples are good feed
stock for biodiesel production and confirms their relevance in electric voltage transformers.

Keywords: Physicochemical, Viscosity, Arrhenius Parameters, Equation Modeling, Temperature, Vegetable Oil

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