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Timber trade and marketing in two deregulated timber markets economy in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria

I Ojating
D.A Oga


A study on timber trade and marketing in two deregulated markets in Calabar was carried out using two sets of questionnaires to interview the timber traders in Akim and Ikot Uduak timber markets. Results of the surveys showed that only a limited number of timber species were sold in the two markets. Timber trade was found to be profitable since the annual incomes of the traders were enough to sustain the traders and their families. However there were significant differences among the traders as well as between the two markets in terms of annual incomes. Almost all categories of people were found to engage in timber trade and marketing. These were males, 80% in Akim, 88% in Ikot Uduak; females, 20% in Akim and 12% in Ikot Uduak; single, 4% in Akim and 12% in Ikot Uduak; married, 28% in Akim and 8% in Ikot Uduak; divorced, 68% in Akim and 88% in Ikot Uduak; and Christians, 100% in both markets. There were no Moslems engaged in the trade. It is recommended that government should control timber trade and marketing so as to curtail over exploitation of the very few timber species. This would enhance the sustainable management of the timber species.