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Nutrient composition of Pleurotus tuberregium (fr) sing’s sclerotia

CC Ikewuchi, CJ Ikewuchi


The amino acid and mineral profile of Pleurotus tuberregium sclerotia, was investigated. Every 100g of the protein Pleurotus tuberregium sclerotia contains 25.93g of essential amino acids, 1.50g of sulphur-containing amino
acids and 6.15g of aromatic amino acids. It is rich in the essential amino acids, histidine, leucine and phenylalanine, with the sulfur containing amino acids (Methionine and Cystine) as its limiting amino acid(s), and chemical scores of 36%, 88% and 26% with reference to human milk, adult requirements and egg protein, respectively. The sclerotia are rich in the mineral elements: copper, iron, magnesium and manganese. The present study shows that the sclerotia are rich source of minerals with a rich protein that may require the supplementation of the sulfur-containing amino acids.

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