A study of the effects of oral contraceptives on plasma urea of Wistar albino rat rattus rattus

  • NF Okoye
  • AA Uwakwe
  • EO Ayalogu
Keywords: Microgynon, oral contraceptives, Primolut-N, urea.


Oral contraceptives such as Microgynon a combined pill (0.15mg levonorgestrel and 0.03mg ethinylestradiol) and Primolut -N a mini pill (5mg norethisterone) were investigated for their in-vivo effects on wistar albino rat rattus rattus plasma urea levels. Test results showed that the drugs had a lowering effect on plasma urea levels, in a concentration and time dependent manner. Microgynon showed the highest decrease of 70.83% at 24 hours duration and at the highest concentration level of 3.60ìg/100g body wt (0.0007 ± 0.00 mmol/ ) while Primolut –N showed a
decrease of 54.16% at the same time interval (0.0011 ± 0.00 mmol/l). The differences in weight and hour were statistically significant on the effect of the drug on the plasma urea levels at 95.0% confidence level (P<0.05). From this study, it was clear that the oral contraceptives decreased the wistar albino rat plasma urea levels. So for the women taking these drugs, it is imperative that full medical laboratory tests should be undergone before prescription of the drugs. The tests must include kidney function. There should also be check up tests every six months.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1118-0579