Product Trial Processing (PTP): a model approach from theconsumer’s perspective

  • SOE Ewah
  • AE Esang
Keywords: P.T.P., Consumers, Experience, Expertise and Satisfac


This study is a theoretical approach to consumer’s processing of product trail, and equally explored the literature of product levels, concept benefit and life cycle. Product trial is described as consumer’s first usage experience with a company’s brand or product that is most important in determining brand attributes and the intention to make a purchase. Among the constructs used in the model of consumer’s processing of product trail includes; experiential and non- experiential attributes, perceived validity of product trial, consumer perceived expertise, perceived diagnosticity of product trail, others are emotions, evaluations of trail performance and attitude towards a brand. In conclusion it is believed that consumers processing of product trial are interwoven in these clusters of constructs.

KEY WORDS: P.T.P., Consumers, Experience, Expertise and Satisfaction


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-6216