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Knowledge and use of information and communication technology by health sciences students of the University of Ghana

Samuel Dery
Frances da-Costa Vroom
Anthony Godi
Seth Afagbedzi
Duah Dwomoh


Background: Studies have shown that ICT adoption contributes to productivity and economic growth. It is therefore important that health workers have knowledge in ICT to ensure adoption and uptake of ICT tools to enable efficient health delivery.

Objective: To determine the knowledge and use of ICT among students of the College of Health Sciences at the University of Ghana.

Methods: This was a cross-sectional study conducted among students in all the five Schools of the College of Health Sciences at the University of Ghana. A total of 773 students were sampled from the Schools. Sampling proportionate to size was then used to determine the sample sizes required for each school, academic programme and level of programme. Simple random sampling was subsequently used to select students from each stratum.

Results: Computer knowledge was high among students at almost 99%. About 83% owned computers (p < 0.001) and self-rated computer knowledge was also 87 % (p <0.001). Usage was mostly for studying at 93% (p< 0.001). 

Conclusions: This study shows students have adequate knowledge and use of computers. It brings about an opportunity to introduce ICT in healthcare delivery to them. This will ensure their adequate preparedness to embrace new ways of delivering care to improve service delivery.

Funding: Africa Build Project, Grant Number: FP7-266474

Keywords: ICT, health professionals, knowledge, students

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print ISSN: 0016-9560