Cuff inflation to aid nasotracheal intubation using the C-mac videolaryngoscope

  • HK Baddoo
  • BJ Phillips
Keywords: Cuff inflation, C-MAC videolaryngoscope, nasotracheal intubation, difficult intubation


A preliminary report is presented of a technique for using the C-MAC videolaryngoscope to carry out nasopharyngeal intubations. The main thrust of the technique is that cuff inflation of the endotracheal tube is used to lift the endotracheal tube off the posterior pharyngeal wall and thus direct it towards the glottis. The technique was used successfully in 5 consecutive patients needing nasotracheal intubation. Indeed a couple of these patients might have been difficult to intubate using conventional laryngoscopy. The full technique is described together with pictures at the various stages of

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print ISSN: 0016-9560