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Ramogi Dance and Luo Cultural Values

H A Odwar


While there are some literature on the Luo people, their music and instruments, little has been written about the Luo dances. This paper describes Ramogi dance of the Luo of Kenya. Specifically the study describes the dance performance with a view to analyze the dance vocabulary so as to provide an interpretation of how the dance movements enact the Luo cultural values. This study is based on personal interview with two Ramogi performers and my observation of the dance performance during festivals. Communality, gendered musical practices, male Luo social obligations of providing security, food and leadership are the main features enacted in the dance. The dance provides cultural identity to the Luo people and is a medium of educating the young about some of the cultural value of the people.

Humanities Review Journal Vol. 5 2005: pp. 47-52

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eISSN: 1596-0749