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The relationship experiences of professional nurses with nurse managers

S James
W Kotzé
D van Rooyen


This qualitative study was undertaken to explore and describe the experiences of professional nurses in their relationships with nurse managers. Concerns about declining nursing care standards have been expressed in radio newsbulletins, television interviews and newspapers. This decline is thought to come from the pressures brought
about by rapid changes in political, socio-economic and technological spheres. It therefore became important to the researcher to acquire knowledge about the manner in which nurses support each other during these times of change. Data were collected by means of individual interviews. Interviews were audiotaped and field notes were taken to provide the researcher with complementary information. Data analysis was done using the data analysis
method described by Tesch (in Creswell, 1994:155). Results revealed that professional nurses experience a breakdown in their relationships with nurse managers and that the professional nurses' expectations relating to the work environment are not being met. The experiences manifested in feelings of anger, pain and disillusionment and led to
demotivation of the professional nurses. Guidelines were proposed to address the aforementioned experiences.

Keywords: experiences; professional nurses; nurse managers; care standards; relationships; qualitative research

Health SA Gesondheid Vol. 10 (1) 2005: pp. 4-14