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Primary health care management challenges for childhood atopic eczema as experienced by the parents in a Gauteng district in South Africa

Kaarina Frieda Meintjes, Anna Getruida Wilhelmina Nolte


The goal of this study was to explore and describe the experience of parents regarding the primary health care (PHC)managementof their children's atopic eczemain a Gauteng district. A qualitative, explorative, descriptive, contextual embedded single case study design was employed. Data were collected through semi-structured individual interviews, field notes and direct observation until saturation occurred; analysed according to Tesch's steps of descriptive data analysis. Trustworthiness and ethical measures were used and were employed.

Three themes were identified. Management challenges, the second theme with subthemes: drug management, knowledge levels of PHC clinicians, health education and financial challenges, will be discussed.

Keywords: Primary health care clinicians, Childhood atopic eczema, Parents, Experience
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