Job Satisfaction and Psychological Health of Long Distance Drivers in Benin City

  • AN Ofili
  • EK Tobin
  • MA Ilombu
  • EO Igbinosun
  • I Iniomor
Keywords: Drivers, Health, Job Satisfaction, Long distance, Psychological


This cross-sectional analytical study was designed to assess the level of and factors affecting job satisfaction and
psychological health among long distance drivers in Benin City, Edo, Nigeria. A 21-item Job satisfaction questionnaire and the Golberg’s General Health Questionnaire (GHQ 28) were used for data collection from 168 consenting drivers. Data was analysed with SPSS version 15. Results showed that an appreciable number of drivers were satisfied with their job (85%). Factors linked with satisfaction included flexibility of periods designated as resting hours (91.6%), company administration and management (84.6%), self- perception of being valued by the company (79.7%), and remuneration (74.1%). Sources of dissatisfaction included lack of training on the job (82%) and frequent  arassment by law enforcement officers (77%). Psychological morbidity was rare. Overall, the drivers showed high level satisfaction towards their job, though there were areas of dissatisfaction that need to be addressed in the interest and safety of passengers and other road users.

Keywords: Drivers, Health, Job Satisfaction, Long distance, Psychological


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eISSN: 2384-6828
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