Influence of dimensional incentives on voters’ turnout in 2014 and 2015 gubernatorial elections in Southwestern, Nigeria

  • G.F. Adeleke
Keywords: Incentives, Dimensional, Voters' turnout, Gubernatorial elections, Southwestern


Incentives  in  exchange  for  votes  during  elections  have  become  a  culture  in  Nigeria.  Past  studies  emphasized  on  monetary incentives while no known studies have been carried out on the new dimension of incentives to influence  voters' turnout adopted in 2014 and 2015 gubernatorial elections in Nigeria. This paper attempts to uncover what is  behind  people’s  voting  behaviour  in  gubernatorial  elections  (2014  and  2015)  in  Southwestern,  Nigeria  using  questionnaire administered to 1266 respondents and 76 respondents were interviewed. Results showed that parties'  candidates distributed customized goods (69.3%), credit cards and branded goods collected in kangaroo ceremonies  and social media (58.2%) to entice voters. Financial aids were given to rural women prior and during elections by  traditional  institutions  and  security  agents.  The  paper  concludes  that  candidates  and  collaborators  who  used  any  forms of incentives to entice voters or influence the outcome of elections deserve prosecution.

Key words: Incentives, Dimensional, Voters' turnout, Gubernatorial elections,  Southwestern


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