Audit expectation gap: auditors in unending role conflict?

  • JO Abiola
Keywords: Expectation gap, Auditors, Shareholders, Self-regulation, Audit expectation


This paper examines the audit expectation gap with respect to financial statement users. Fifty five copies of questionnaires were distributed to each of the respondents‘ group of auditors, stockbrokers and company‘s shareholders. A total of 154 usable questionnaires were received and analyzed using Pearson Correlation statistics with the aid of Statistical Package for Social Sciences version 18. The result shows, among other things, that lack of knowledge of auditors‘ responsibility, on the part of financial statement users, causes audit expectation and that a compromise in auditors‘ role and responsibility creates audit expectation gap. It is suggested that in order to minimize the unreasonable expectation on the part of the public and also for the increased role conflict of auditors to abate, there must be massive education of financial statement users on the professional role of auditors in addition to increased supervisory roles of practicing auditors by their professional bodies.

Key Words: Expectation gap, Auditors, Shareholders, Self-regulation, Audit expectation


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