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Relevance of anomie theory on French revolution and its implication in Nigeria

Friday Raphael Egbegi, Benjamin Okorie Ajah


The pervasive and reoccurring nature of anomie has plagued Nigeria for a while now thereby making a jest of the Nigerian society. Lawlessness, frustration, ethnic jingoism, unemployment and poverty among most Nigerians at the bottom of the economic ladder have become rife and provoked fear towards better stable Nigeria. This paper examinedthese core issues of the anomic restiveness, agitation, attacks and counter attacks ranging from diverse regions and localities in Nigeria. The study adopted documentary sources of data collection such as textbooks, journals, magazines and newspaper publications anchored on anomie theory. This paper contended that every facet of our national life has drifted into a state of lawlessness or a state of normlessness as people are becoming disappointed with the Nigerian project. Also, the paper recommended the need for policy makers to provide such an environment and conditions which are conducive for entrepreneurial activities which will first reduce the incidence of unemployment to a great extent and as such would have dealt a massive blow to the problem of criminality and lawlessness.

Keywords: Anomie, Anomie theory, Deviance, French revolution, Normlessness

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