International Journal of Development and Management Review

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Assessing the relevance of academic research productivity in teaching practices in Nigerian Universities

Nancy C Agha, Abel U. Adam, Nomeh Ujebe


Academic researchers in Nigeria seem to have themselves caught between the need to publish in reputed peer reviewed journals to ensure enhancement of their professional reputation and ranking of their institutions. The review process of these peer reviewed journals tends to emphasize methodological rigor rather than educational relevance. This often comes at the cost of relevance of the findings to teachers and causes a disconnect between researchers and teachers.This study sets out to assess the relevance of research productivity in teaching practices in Nigerian universities. The study employed survey research method involving correlation design. Primary data were collected through the use of the questionnaire administered to a sample size of 181 respondents drawn from three state universities in south east Nigeria. The finding revealed that research productivity is relevant in teaching practices in Nigerian universities.

Key Words: Research relevance; Teaching practices, Collaborative research, Research – Teaching gap

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