The Impact of Literacy on Carrier Woman: An Assessment of the Situation in Nigeria

  • NC Anigbogu
  • C Opara
  • Q Njemanze


Literacy has indeed projected the image of women in our society as nation builders. Their roles are not only the stereotyped ones of nurturing children and taking care of home but also career giants in different establishments. Women have excelled in most professions believed to be male dominated. This paper examines women who have broken the bounds of societal stereotype roles and excelled in their careers. The paper also examines women in leadership positions and assesses how literacy has made them develop professionally, realize their potentials and excel in their careers. The critical examination of some career women in Nigeria reveals that women have indeed reached the zenith in their occupations through life-long learning. They have also made their marks in the annals of literacy development and have left indelible marks in different sectors of Nigerian economy. They have therefore, debunked the stereotypical image of women as homemakers alone. Key words: Literacy, Education, Career, Career Women, Gender.

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