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Leadership style and employees’ intrinsic job satisfaction in the cross river newspaper corporation, Calabar, Nigeria

E.M Ushie
A.M Agba
M.S Agba
J Chime


This study investigates the impact of leadership style on employees’ intrinsic job satisfaction in the Cross River State Newspaper Corporation, Calabar, Nigeria. The study examined the problem of dissatisfaction in the work place as far as intrinsic factors of job satisfaction are concerned. Structured questionnaire was used to collect data from 114 randomly selected employees across departments in the corporation. Inferential and nonparametric statistics were used for data analysis. The study revealed that democratic leadership style allows employees great amount of satisfaction. The study also revealed that workers are not satisfied with leadership style which is more concerned about the attainment of intrinsic job content. It further revealed that there is low level of workers participation in the decision making in the corporation. The study shows that workers have brighter prospect for advancement and growth in the corporation; but intrinsic job contents in the corporation do not allow workers greater opportunity to achieve their best. Finally, the study shows that, there is low level of delegation of responsibilities in the corporation. It was recommended among others that, management should adopt democratic leadership style and create room for workers’ participation in indecision making process in the corporation.

Key Words: Leadership, leadership style, employees, intrinsic job satisfaction

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eISSN: 2734-3316
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