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Performance of solar photovoltaic array fed water pumping system utilizing switched reluctance motor

Bhim Singh, Anjanee Kumar Mishra


This paper discusses the design and performance analysis of a solar photovoltaic (SPV) array fed water pumping system utilizing a special class of highly rugged machine with simple drive system called switched reluctance motor (SRM) drive. The proposed method of water pumping system also provides the cost effective and highly reliable solution for solar water pumping system. A unique approach of variable DC link voltage operation of SRM drive with electronic commutation for switches of mid-point converter is used with the elimination of voltage and current sensor in the motor side results in reduction in cost and losses of the system. A DC-DC single-ended primary-inductor converter (SEPIC) is used to achieve maximum power from SPV array. The characteristic of providing output voltage with no polarity reversal and having features like minimal active components and low noise operation makes SEPIC suitable for solar water pumping. The water pump with a SRM motor is used in the proposed system because of its similar operational characteristics compared to SPV generator.

Keywords: SPV Array, MPPT, SEPIC converter, Soft starting, SRM, Centrifugal water pump

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