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Design of oscillation wireless charging system based on time-base circuit

Bo Zhang, Zhong rui Wang


With the application of a large number of portable low-voltage electronic  products, the charging safety of the equipment needs to be solved because of the complex underground environment and high temperature and  humidity. An oscillatory wireless charging platform based on 555 time base circuit is developed in this paper. The transmitter circuit is mainly composed of PWM waveform generator and MOS switch circuit. The frequency   adjustable output range can reach 500kHz, and no program control unit is required. The receiver circuit can output 5V DC power stably and simply. The whole charging platform has few components at both ends of the receiver, which can ensure low failure rate and easy miniaturization. All the  components are universal components with low cost. The tested  transmission distance can work stably within 20CM, and the stable output of
about 3 watts can be obtained. The system can be installed in any position in the mine, and the battery is not removed when charging, which greatly enhances the security of the charging process and is of great practical  value.

Keywords: NE555, Waveform generating Circuit, Resonance Circuit, receiving Coil

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