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Influence of chemical treatments on thermal and bonding behavior of carbon fiber-phenolic matrix composite

Naresh Kumar Konada, Koka Naga Sai Suman


The performance of carbon fiber (CF) -Phenol matrix composite is mainly based on the inter-laminar shear force attraction between all the ingredients present in the composite. Basically, CF surface is smooth in nature in terms of its structure and have poor ability to allow the matrix material to stick to its surface. Hence, in this work an attempt is made to improve the bonding behavior between CF and phenolic matrix by performing three chemical treatment techniques on CF surface. The best chemical treatment method is suggested to use CF more effectively as reinforcement in polymer matrix composites. First, carbon fiber surface undergo thermal oxidation treatment. Second, carbon fiber surface is allowed to undergo HNO3 treatment and the third by deposition of multi walled carbon nano tubes functionalized (MWCNTs-F) on CF surface. CF-phenol matrix composite sheets are developed along with remaining ingredients using hand layup technique. The ability of uniform dispersion of all the ingredients for three composite sheets was observed by using scanning electron microscope (SEM). Thermo gravimetric (TGA) and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) analysis is also performed on all sample powders and composite sheets to assess the thermal stability and bonding behavior of CF reinforced composite. Finally, the best chemical treatment method performed on CF is selected for the improvement of thermal and bonding behavior of CF-phenol matrix composite.

Keywords: Multi walled carbon nano tubes; Carbon fibers, chemical treatments, Thermal and bonding analysis

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