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Detection and classification of four phase to ground faults in a 138 kV six phase transmission line using Hilbert Huang transform

Gaurav Kapoor


In this work, the Hilbert Huang transform (HHT) is used for the detection and classification of four phase to ground faults in the six-phase transmission line (SPTL). Using the HHT, the faults can be detected, classified and the faulted phase can be recognized merely, by calculating the amplitudes of HHT coefficients of six-phase fault currents. HHT is utilized for extracting the features of the six-phase fault currents recorded at one end only. The HHT is extensively tested using the MATLAB model of 138 kV, 60 Hz, and 68 km long SPTL. The possibility of HHT is investigated under extensive variations of the fault factors. The results exemplify that the HHT effectively detects and categorizes all types of four phase to ground faults regardless of varying the fault factors.

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