Automatic generation control of multi source interconnected power system using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system

  • Deepesh Sharma
Keywords: LFC, Fuzzy, PID, ANFIS, LFC; FLC; ACE; PID-C, AGC.


LFC (Load Frequency Control) difficulty is created by load of power system variations. Extreme acceptable frequency distinction is ±0.5 Hz which is  extremely intolerable. Here, LFC is observed by PID controller (PID-C), Fuzzy and ANFIS controller (ANFIS-C). To control different errors like frequency and area control error (ACE) in spite of occurrences of load disturbance and uncertainties of system is checked by MATLAB/SIMULINK software. Proposed Controller offers less, and small peak undershoot, speedy response to make final steady state. LFC is mandatory for reliability of  large interconnected power system. LFC is used to regulate power output of generator within specified area to maintain system frequency and  power interchange. Here, two area multi source LFC system is analyzed. ANFIS is utilized for tie-line power deviation and controlling frequency. Proposed controller is compared with other controller and it is found that proposed controller is better than other controller. Proposed controller is better in terms of Robustness. The output responses of interconnected areas have been compared on basis of peak-undershoot, peak-overshoot and settling time (Ts). Result of FLC is compared to that of with classical controller such as proportional derivative plus integral (PID) controller  which suggests that conventional controller is slow.

Keywords: LFC, Fuzzy, PID, ANFIS, LFC; FLC; ACE; PID-C, AGC.


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eISSN: 2141-2839
print ISSN: 2141-2820