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Differential evolution based method for total transfer capability evaluation

R Rajathy, R Gnanadass, K Manivannan, H Kumar


The application of Differential Evolution (DE) to compute the Total Transfer Capability (TTC) in deregulated market is proposed in this paper. The objective is to maximize a specific point-to-point power transaction without violating system constraints using DE. This algorithm is based on full ac optimal power flow solution to account for the effects of active and reactive power flow, voltage limits, and line flow limits. The real power output of generators in source area and the real power of the loads in the sink area were adjusted to obtain the maximum transfer capability. In order to calculate TTC more accurately, Transmission Reliability Margin is incorporated in the calculation of TTC by considering single and multiline outages and also a three phase to ground fault near a bus and clearing it by isolating the faulty line after certain time interval. The performance of the proposed method is tested on the modified IEEE-30 bus system and results are compared with that of Particle Swarm Optimization method (PSO). Further, the results are compared with other published results using CPF and EP. It is found that DE provides more reliable results than other methods.

Keywords: Total transfer capability, available transfer capability, transmission reliability margin, differential evolution, particle swarm optimization.

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